If you’ve never had a hosting account or you are switching companies and the new one employs an account administration dashboard that you have not seen so far, you may get bewildered about how to perform a particular task in your account or on your PC. This is the reason why, lots of companies have created a knowledge base, which describes the most popular questions and issues associated with the specific platform they use, rather than adding only some generic information. This kind of knowledge base will help you find the needed information quickly and effortlessly, so you will not need to devote a lot of time and energy to stuff that might require something as simple as clicking a button or marking a tick box. In this way, not only can you get things done, but you can also get to know tons of new and relevant things, both about the way you can administer your account and about the way the hosting service works in general.
Extensive Online Documentation in Hosting
If you’ve bought your very first hosting package through our company or have migrated your site over to us, you will grow used to our services and our created-developed Hepsia hosting Control Panel in no time as we have compiled an extensive knowledge base where you can find all the information that you may ever need – both general info about the hosting service as a whole and more concrete info about the different features that you can make use of and the issues that you could face. The articles are located in 2 places. The complete article collection can be accessed via the Help section of the Control Panel. You can find relevant articles about the different functions in each Control Panel section too. You can learn how to do basically everything, from creating an .htaccess config file to managing an electronic mailing list, and all the articles offer detailed guidelines, so you will never become baffled on account of an ambiguous text. Certainly, if you come across a more specific obstacle and you do not find an adequate solution in our knowledge base, you can touch base with our support staff members 24-7.
Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Servers
We’ve compiled an exhaustive knowledge base for all our present and prospective customers, so if you order a semi-dedicated server account from our company, you will be able to find any info that you need at any moment. We’ve got numerous informational help articles, which will help you better understand what’s going on in your semi-dedicated account – "What is PHP?" and "What are file permissions?" are simply two instances. Our instructive guides will help you accomplish anything you like – unzip an archive, import a MySQL database, redirect a domain, etc. Besides, we’ve also got troubleshooting guidelines, which will permit you to discover what causes a certain problem and the feasible solutions for it. If you are not able to send emails or your domain opens an HTTP 500 error message, for example, you can consult our knowledge base and resolve the issue right away. You can access the articles through any section of the Control Panel, as well as through the all-inclusive Help section.